Hi, I'm Isabelle!

I study Symbolic Systems at Stanford and believe in the power of narrative to shape companies and technological futures.

In the past, I was a product intern (and second member of the product team) at Fanhouse, did AI ethics research at Center for Foundation Models with Rob Reich and Katie Creel, TA’d Philosophy of AI for John Etchemendy, did R&D at Irony Point, and made a short documentary about minimalism in Gen Z that premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival.


I co-lead a working group supported by Stanford HAI on designing generative AI systems to positively augment human creativity, and run Embeddings, an interview series exploring how generative AI is shaping the way we create and consume culture. I’m also a Mayfield Fellow.

On my mind

The media tech landscape, turning stories into products, how data and community can supercharge creators of all kinds, homogenization of culture, and (the lack of) public awareness of AI.